The Charities I support from my crafting and a LITTLE more.
My Charities

   To learn more about the Charities I contribute to, click on the link or graphic and it will take you to their home page.  I'm not physically able to do "volunteer" work, so I donate my time to create the offerings you find here.  I take a very small portion of a sale and put it in the supply  jar and the remainder is distributed to the Charities listed below.


St. Joseph's Indian School, Chamberlain, SD
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Live KittyCam  will result in contributions to the following:

The Cat House on the Kings - Website CLICK HERE

While we did "rescue" these two little dolls from an abusive environment,
they actually "rescued" us. They've filled our hearts with love and
joy for many years.

05/27/10: Rest in Peace Mabel,  "Mama's Little Baby" ~
    We Love You and We Miss You

02/10/14: Rest in Peace Little Dood, I'll always remember your kisses
     when we parted.  We Love You and We Miss You

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Edmund Allen Hill
06-09-41 ~ 08-01-94

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