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The pictures below were submitted by customers who have been pleased with the results of the product.   

 *Note how the waist strap sits back towards the tail when "saddled" up.  
The proceeds of this offering will benefit The Cat House on the Kings sanctuary, California's largest no kill shelter located in Parlier, CA. If you'd like to view the wonderful work being done by Lynea and the dedicated volunteers at The Cat House on the Kings, click on the tag to the left.
Garment Information:
​I accept Paypal only, orders are not started until payment is received.
Full Pant - 15.00 each​
Pad - 10.00 each  
​Mailing Fee as listed below


Each pair is custom made based on the measurements provided by the cat owner. Below you will find a guide as to what measurements we will need to fill your order.  We have recorded all of our orders on an extensive information chart for comparison.  This has been an effective tool in the event that something doesn't appear quite right and re-measurement is needed.   

A- Waist measurement around the belly just in front of where the thighs meet the body. I will add 1-2 inches so that if there is any growth, or the number wasn't right, it will fully adjust.   You as the "STAFF", must be committed to cinching it up tight enough so that you cat does not slip out of it. 

B-Tail strap measurement, on most animals will be 3-3.5 inches.  If your cat has health issues or is heavy that may need to be a bit longer.  The V-Strap will now adjust a little.  Rarely does it need to be longer, but sometimes once on your cat it may need to be shortened.  The adjustment clip can slip through the large D-ring so you can make it quite a bit shorter if necessary. 

C- Undercarriage measurement, approximately the distance from the belly button or waist, back between the legs and up to the bottom of the anus.  Another measurement we have established should be somewhere between 5.5 - 6.5 inches unless other issues are present.  You really need it only to be long enough for the absorbency pad you'll use.  I also adjust the width between the legs depending on what the issues are.  A cat who sprays doesn't need a thick pad, so I make it thinner.  If your cat is urinating, that is taken into consideration and I make it wide enough to allow for a thicker absorbent pad.

Information Gathering:

Please complete a separate form for each cat.  While we understand this is an antiquated method and form, it allows for confirmation as well as keeping expenses down on the website. 

Completing the information below is not an order, it will be reviewed and I will email you for clarification and any questions.  Invoices are only sent once order is confirmed.    

If your pants do not fit properly, you may send them back for alterations at no charge.  As they are custom made, refunds are not offered. 
Your information is NEVER shared, sold or used for anything other than the stud pant transaction! 
Cat's Name:

Purpose for Stud Pant Order:  
Cat Weight *Approximate is fine
A - Measure around the body in inches
B - V or  Tail Strap Inches *These will sit back on the haunches as shown in pictures.  Experience dictates that this will be in the 3" - 3.5" range to fit properly without allowing the animal to slip out of them.
C - Undercarriage inches.  5.5 to 6.5 is the norm unless your animal is unusually large/heavy or has some sort of medical issues.   When the pad is too long, there are problems. 
Quantity and options:

Complete pair is 15.00 each.

If you are considering more than one pair per cat, you may either order the number of complete pants or you may order 1 complete pair with an additional change out pad.  If one pad should become soiled, you can remove it and slip the waist strap into the other pad.  

Change out pads are 10.00 each   
Number of Complete Pants for this cat @ 15.00 Each :
Number of Change out pads for this cat @ 10.00 Each :
Must order one complete pant in order to use the change out pad
Your Name *Required Field:
Mailing Address:
City, ST, ZIP or Country *Required Field   United States ONLY
Email Address *Required Field - Please use the email associated with your PAYPAL account
if you have one.
Questions, comments:
How did you hear about us?  *If from a customer, please give that persons name so I can make the notations for any future order.
We thank you for your visit.  
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FEBRUARY 13, 2017

I'm not able to continue sewing at this time.  My health and the health of my siblings and mom need to be the priority.   If I feel I can resume, I'll update this page accordingly.  I don't see it within the next 2-3 months. 

Thank You for your Understanding~

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Please complete the following questions for each cat you are ordering/inquiring about and submit.  There is ample room in the comments sections for any additional concerns/questions.
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1st Class Mail 1-2 units $3.25
                        3-4 units $3.65. 

Note that 4 units fit in the envelope regardless if it's one cat or 4, they will all go together. 

I do not ship outside of the United States any longer.
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I'm sorry, I was involved in a serious car accident on 3/3/15.  I won't be able to do any sewing for awhile.  I will update and remove this paragraph when I've sufficiently recovered.
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